John Elliott, Jr.

Top 50 Teacher in Golf ranked by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine!

Ideas for Lowering YOUR Scores

Since so many of us judge our worth by what we shoot, let's start shooting lower scores! As frequently as possible, I will be sharing with you on-course ideas that should reflect in a lower handicap and you being a happier person relative to golf.

Spring 2011

Learn the proper sequence of the swing, why the club should hit the ball first then the ground, why your left arm leads the right one through swing, how you should picture the shot before the swing and how drawing a white line and lining up the balls will help.  Click here to watch the video.

Winter 2011

Click here to watch a video on Curve, Curves, Curving...

Fall 2011

Setting Up a Practice Station Click Here!

Winter 2010

Chipping - As we have grass going dormant and winter rye flourishing, chipping becomes even more important this time of year. So check out my chipping video and hopefully it will help you lower your scores! Click here to watch the video.

Fall 2010

Bunker Shots - In this drill, John shows you the setup and the swing motion to become a very predictable bunker player! Click here to watch.

Summer 2010

Lag Putting - In this drill John uses the fringe of the green to help you control your stroke physically and mentally for better putting. Click here to watch the video.